The Gods of an atheist – Indian Ocean

Indian Ocean

It’s been a long time it seems and I would keep my promise of writing a post on my favorite Indian music band, the Indian Ocean.

I remember the first time when Chetan gave me the jhini cassette, I skeptically took it and kept it in my drawer for a good long week before deciding to remove the dust and give the band a try. It must have been 4 years now, and since then nothing, being it music or movies or food or etc etc etc has come close to the amount of sensation that music has provided me time and time again. I found as many Indian songs I could and started gulping them one by one. I remember kandisa was in my play list for a record 12 days and then I realized that there are more songs left on the planet.

Of there five albums so far, which are Indian ocean(1992), desert rain(1997), kandisa(1998), jhini(2003) and lately, black friday, I am personally a big fan of the following songs and I seriously recommend all those people who love to explore music to listen to them once, you will get addicted that’s for sure irrespective of how strongly you can resist your temptations. I personally resist a lot of temptations, but to resist this one, a person needs heavenly strength. This is my must listen list:-

Kandisa, Khajuraho, Jhini, Hile le, Ma Rewa(Favorite song of my college love Lucy!!!), Torrent, Nam myo ho(If you find better non-lyrical music, kindly take the pain of letting me know), Bharam Bhaap ke and many more.

I find myself very lucky to watch them perform live on two occasions. Coincidentally at the IIMs both the times, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. And those two evenings are surely listed as one of the most electrifying experiences of my otherwise a very boring laid back life. They have their own niche in the contemporary Indian music and I believe that even when they are not so popular on the commercial front and still a big music listening population is unaware of their presence, they must be proud of the kind of audience they attract (and mesmerize and hypnotize) and even more proud for the kind of work they have been doing for years.

On this blog, I generally mention my existential confusion and the over all meaning of life and blah blah. I am always confused about the overall ‘why’ of life, but at times when I just sit back and listen to Indian Ocean; I find a lot of answers. They are perfectionists, and at the same time, the work that they are doing and the kind of music they produce makes mere and unimportant souls like me feel really feasting on at least one of senses, which is so difficult at most of the times. And at the same time, it makes me feel that may be this is the kind of life I may like to live one day.

Read a lot more about them on their official site and on wikipedia.Indian Ocean

Thank you so very much Indian Ocean.


10 Responses to “The Gods of an atheist – Indian Ocean”

  1. Harshad Joshi Says:

    Try Deep Forest or Sacred Spirit, they sound good.

  2. donofdms Says:

    Ma Rewa rocks man… I love Indian Ocean too! 😀

  3. desh Says:

    i liek indian ocean too and we all knw hw much u like them 🙂

    hw do u get such great images

  4. vaani Says:

    m sure u gonna spread the virus soon…
    m already infected n so is one of my friend…. 🙂
    hille re n ma rewa are all time favorites…n i love to listen to ‘melancholic ecstacy’

  5. varun vashisht Says:

    i really very much imperessed with indian ocean band its very good to listen songs by indian ocean . i wish that i also make a band like indian ocean well i am guitarist…….

  6. Gaurav Bhargava Says:

    Good Article. I have been following Indian Ocean since 2000 I guess. I loved the last part of your post. I could not agree more…. I do find answers… I dont know if I find answers or question fade away for a bit…. but either way its a momentary relief…. none of their songs ever go old….. even 50th time it is as much fun to listen to them as it was the first time.

  7. siddharth Says:

    i was addicted just last year when i heard kandisa.
    i heard bandheh long back but at that time did not pay attention to it.
    i was in kota last year so i lived there solely on indian ocean diet.gr8 article luv d songs u mentioned.

  8. Milin Says:

    Like you, even I love Indian Ocean. I have been listening their master piece since 2000 and cant find music better than theirs. Though cant see them falling apart now.
    Where can I find their first album, Indian Ocean, that was released in 1992 as you mentioned? I did not even find it on their website and never even heard about this one. I just have four of their albums:
    1. Jhini
    2. Desert Rain
    3. Kandisa
    4. Black Friday

    Need to go buy 16/330 Khajoor Road.

    I would highly appreciate if you can post details about their first album Indian Ocean (as you mentioned).

  9. Mariam Says:

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