Vijay Mallya ko gussa kyun aata hai??

Bangalore plays Punjab today, in a tie which is crucial for Punjab and indifferent for Bangalore, as they get ready to lose yet another match.

My biggest mistake was to trust Rahul Dravid and Charu Sharma for team selection

I had my own set of players to choose but in cricket sadly you have to go by what the captain wants. It was only later that when I talked to friends that they told me that the team more looks like a Test XI than a T20 team. Rahul said that a Test team can perform in any environment

You are considered one of the most intelligent businessman of the country. You are also a very crook industrialist. And, you are spending some 500 Crore rupees to buy a team which you think will yield you high profits (thats an obvious reason, there could be other hidden motives which I find hard to comprehend) and then, you get a team which is totally out of contrast from what is required to win a T20 championship. The team has players I love to watch, but I would never have them in my T20 team. For me, a Yousuf Pathan will always come before a Rahul Dravid in a T20 lineup, and if you ask me the best batsman in this world, Rahul may only be second to Sachin Tendulkar and that too because Sachin is Sachin!

But, you are blind enough to let others take all the decisions and now you hit back at them saying it was your mistake, sorry sir, but all you are doing right now is telling the world how you were cheated! Boss, are we bloody idiots who have nothing else to do. You must admit that you are beaten up by manoranjan’s daddy and you must stand up and say, it’s my fault.

You are a big shot and you may not do that, but we forgive all the arrogance and would still thank you for the beverages and the calendars. The nation would never get bored of bare flesh (thin, very thin indeed!) and ethanol, and you are selling the desires. At the end of it all, its just a game yaar, chill maadi 🙂