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Exhibit the vessels

I was going through some of the stuff I wrote more than an year ago and while I am still wandering the reasons for this penning I believe I can put it here. In these times when obscenity is a USP, I shouldn’t be ashamed of posting all I want.



Monday, January 29, 2007

Exhibit the vessels


And my imagination,

breathes heavily in nitrogen,

locked up lungs,

in roses and tamarind paste,

that image fiddles with my sleepy nerves,

I let it wander in my head,

the exhibition is on,

the fun of bizarre dreams,

it takes some time,

does some maths on the vacuum up there,

the formulas of philosophy,

of tender medications and

caresses the ambiance with nuts and bolts,

the image looks at the watch and the calendar,

twice, yet again, many times in a smaller time,

the study is done,

time for the exhibition to shutter down for the day,

the exit door calls,

and the image moves out,

respectfully stuffed with nostalgia,

and the nerves clean the vacuum all evening.