Naresh believes I am random. Affirmation! And thus he wants me to pen down 8 random things about me. I am just feeling Okay right now, not in one of my ecstatic, top of the world moods. So I believe it’s just the right time for me to write a post like this. Hence, here I state eight random things about me:


1. My state of mind is so unclear that it amuses me that how am I still surviving in this sane society, even now. Earlier I used to find this a distinctive feature until I realized that this is nothing but one of the mob quality. It somehow makes me feel better, as I feel that I am not actually ‘mentally sick’.

2. I have this tendency to become suddenly so depressed and ‘over-self-criticizing’ and ‘mean-to-myself’ and ‘lets-be-a-real-life-A k hangal’, and I believe it happens for no reasons at all. But surely, that happens because of some idiotic emotional turbulence in my subconscious, perhaps though!

3. My sleeping habits are getting worse, I feel like crashing at eleven, its so early that it scares me!

4. I have never been so undecided about what to do with my life as much as I am right now. This statement remains true on every next date on the face of calendar because as long as I live, the confusion deepens and worsens.

5. I don’t want to get married, ever! And I pray that I may remain firm on at least one of the things I say I seriously believe in. On the contrary, my mind refreshes its total philosophy every three years. This scares me as well!

6. More than anything else in my life, I want to adopt a girl child. That’s my only desire today! Amen!

7. I feel like killing myself when I think about the ‘What if’ chain. It seriously takes me to nowhere and makes me feel that no use living. Thank god, it’s generally a short term spike.

8. I jump from one boat to another thinking I will row this one harder, but I never do. I have realized that I am too lazy to do anything. I think I will just be able to survive, and now I have started believing that I am far too over-rated in all the places I get appraised, paid, represented and distinguished. I am beginning to find life tough and this losing interest in life, ahh, could be dangerous. Let’s see!

Tagging:- Smriti, Biraja, Vaani, Luthra, Abhishek Harish, Eesha, Abhishek Khurana, Pooja, Sonja, Divya (This is also a platform for all those with are yet to start one, All the best!!!!)


8 Responses to “r.A.n.D.o.m.N.e.S.S”

  1. donofdms Says:

    Hmmm… I know how it goes! Sudden bouts of depression r common in this phase of uncertainity in life… But DK is the man who can solve anything easily! Am sure u ll handle it all too well! 😀

  2. jackalope Says:

    Hey thanks for tagging me, but I just did this meme a few weeks ago in my post “Behind the Eight Ball”!

  3. Abhi-shek Says:

    …well written mate!
    i am yet to figure out my ramdomness…! or probably thr r too many to list 😉

  4. Honey Says:

    Interesting points and communicated in a very effective manner….. Good man!!!!!…

    Lets hope that everything u come across in life gets you what you desire from it….

    Best of luck for the coming years of life.. [:)]

  5. desh Says:

    do u realise u have become much more aloof n random after u came to bangalore
    think over it 😐

  6. nitesh Says:


    there is so much to write about will write soon

  7. Look, I was tagged, yipppeeee!!! « Pentropy Says:

    […] btw, i was tagged earlier as well, randomness […]

  8. Marvin Says:

    i could make this post my own without blinking an eye. that’s how similar it is to how i feel about myself. maybe we should start a company.

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