Right to Live, Left to Die!

The soul had left last Monday; the body left glued to a bed, felt closer to the far end of the heaven stair than the elevator of the hospital. No pain, no sarcastic smile, no fighting the hope and hoping the fight.  Their tears were confused and I silently slipped off their hands yesterday night. An unholy medicine which cut the story short and triggered a run towards the hypocrite certainty. I tweeted my last 140 characters on my way up:

“My heartiest thanks to the lawmakers for legalizing euthanasia. Untied wings will always be better than a decorated cage. Welcome me, lord”


16 Responses to “Right to Live, Left to Die!”

  1. Ishan Bishnoi Says:

    I really like the build up. A certain pain is seeping through 🙂

  2. Gurdit Says:

    Nice. I approve.

  3. Ishita Roy Says:

    Brilliant. Really.

  4. Prashant (MAC) Says:

    Gr8 one mate! Nicely builded up and awesomely ended 🙂

    • Diwakar Says:

      Thanks mac, the story certainly ended well unlike a lot more things that ended in the story!
      God, Bless!

  5. navdeep sihra Says:

    Hi ! stumbled across your blog..read this post
    it seemed cruel not commenting here..

    nice and touching.

    • Diwakar Says:

      Thanks Navdeep!
      A fiction makes us feel close to this reality, imagine those who face it!
      all the best for you book 🙂

  6. Hira (EnamoredSoul) Says:

    This is such an endearing post…so very touching, especially with the added touch of the “last tweet”…a hard hitting truth! Looking forward to more from you 🙂

  7. vkg Says:

    “felt closer to the far end of the heaven stair than the elevator of the hospital”

    Winced! Take a bow!

  8. vkg Says:

    Very powerful! I read this post of yours yesternight and wrote this…euthanasia+my life at xl …Insanely Serene http://thesleepinginsomniac.blogspot.com/2010/03/insanely-serene_27.html

  9. Mrinal Says:

    Surreality, nice!
    bt sounds intentionally sad.
    I wonder.

  10. random Says:

    very nice as usual .. true !!!

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