Anti Gravity Needle

My first attempt at fiction thanks to Gadre’s motivational gyan :). Here it goes:

Saturday evening, A half inch eraser kisses my skin. And it begins the task, now there is no past, no future, no loans, no broken relationships, no regret, no remorse, no sleep, no surprises, no gifts, no pain, no love, no friends, no race, no desires and no failure. A 360 degree gyration and a bean bag. Round two begins, zzziiiiipppp and sky upside down, that incomplete night erased, that curbed kiss erased, that epic fall erased and all the faces erased. My eraser, I love you and you love me.

Mumbai, 22 March 2010: Body of a twenty seven year old bank employee found in his apartment in uncertain circumstances. The case was reported to police when the maid did not get any response after trying for a long time. The reason of demise is assumed to be overdose of he…


2 Responses to “Anti Gravity Needle”

  1. Gurdit Says:

    You have got my sort of detailed critique on this through chat. It’s awesome, very clever, and the effect is spot on. Really, really good for a first fiction piece.

  2. Richa Malik Says:

    I like the bean bag bit… 😀
    Sadly though I can sense some frustration to break free from certain things…and of course you know what i mean…but always a fan of ur writing anyway… 🙂

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