Hello, Yes A Speaking!

26th Nov 2008, Mumbai.

A waits for B for an undercover meeting. A has no idea what will happen after this, he is anxious and uncertain. Not knowing what to expect he sits and sips his cappuccino. A middle-aged person in a light blue half sleeve shirt comes towards him. He is of average height, mildly dark complexion, more black than white. He resembles A’s social sciences teacher for school.

A: How can you have a body like us, shouldn’t you be different?
B: Why does it bother you at all? I am here now, tell me why you wanted me.
A: No, but I’m still shocked. How is this possible at all?
B: Forget all that and ask.
A: Hmm, I just don’t understand it. Anything.
B: What don’t you understand?
A: Now don’t joke me, you know it all.
B: Seriously, I don’t know. Please enlighten me on your troubles.
A: Come on, how can you not know. You are ‘god’ himself; please don’t play with me for lord’s sake. Oh, lord’s sake I said.
B: You have some really wrong images my son. I am no mind reader; I hardly know anything that goes on here. You guys have absolute control over things.
A: What, what do you mean you have no control. Wasn’t this unreal enough for you to say a statement like that. And I am sorry ahh sir, ahh ‘god’ for talking to you like this. I am just not in the right frame of mind.
B: That’s fine kid, but yea true, I hardly know anything about all that goes in your mind. I have very little control. I am just part of this whole universal system.
A: Then what do you do?
B: I am the soul creator and destroyer. Every time when the speed of world changes, I see the status of all the previous souls that I had created and then depending on whatever that has been deteriorated I create new ones and send them across.
A: You mean the souls are not nuclear! They break down; they deteriorate like the buildings or the bodies.
B: Certainly, that’s the truth.
A: But we believed that the souls never die. They just, they just ahh, fly away may be to another body.
B: I wish I knew how to correct that thought in your minds, alas, I have no control. I regret leaving control of your body and your mind to you people. I only kept control of your soul while designing you. And now, neither the body nor the mind is in sync with the soul.
A: Sorry to disagree, but I don’t so. The world has progressed into a stronger and better place than ever before. It’s a happier place. Don’t you think so.
B: What’s your age?
A: 23 years.
B: And how much history you know about?
A: Two . . . hundred years may be.
B: And you really think we are in right proportion of knowledge to discuss the happiness quotient of this world? Ever heard of information asymmetry?
A: That’s a little mean and earthish statement for someone of your stature.
B: I apologize, but I am tired of seeing all my souls dry up. Whatever I do, you earthians condition yourself for your individualism and leave the soul dry. And once the soul begins to dry up it’s impossible for me to fuel it again.
A: But we have no control over the soul, we do what our mind says. And I am not actually sure how the mind does what it does. Neural system, spinal cord, left brain, right brain something like that. Some signals, impulses but I am not a bio graduate to know all that.
B: How deep can you earthians think? If you are all so sure about it, then where does your spirituality emerge from? All this noise makes me smile and cry at the same time. At least I respect the creativity of your mind. Irrespective of all the narcissism and destructive bent of thought I totally respect your mind. And it has won over my biggest creation ever, the human soul.
A: Thank you, Ah, I mean Sorry!

(And they moved out of the leopold’s café and started to walk towards the sea)

To Be Continued…


27 Responses to “Hello, Yes A Speaking!”

  1. Prabhu Says:

    Two things:

    1)When the speed of world changes
    2)Leopold Cafe

    Everything had to fit in when hinged on the above two things!

  2. Eesha Says:

    🙂 DO we agree on anything??

    Well written .. u have an amazing writing style.. very engaging…but I dont agree with the image of God u’ve portrayed in the content above. Don’t get me wrong – u havent hurt my religious sentiments! But after reading it one gets the image that its inspired by a lot of sci fi matrix like movies .. and I know u can do a much better job!!

  3. Diwakar Says:

    @prabhu: 1.always 2. you oughta know kid 🙂 more details when we meet, hopefully weekend!
    @eesha: never saw matrix, and i survive on shaant-slow movies and not sci-fis 🙂 this is not exactly god, he is still talking and lets see what he ends up with. May be next time i will put some thought behind the writing and the writing style 🙂

  4. Abhishek Joshi Says:

    Good stuff, Diwakar. Brilliant as always. 🙂

  5. Rajiv Says:

    🙂 [fraxing my comments]

  6. honey Says:

    impressive and interesting piece… 🙂
    waiting for the next part…

  7. vaani Says:

    (u have once again penned a very creative n amusing piece but….) WE NEED TO TALK!!!!

  8. Amit Says:

    Nice 🙂

  9. Anand Desai Says:

    Interesting DK! Let me wait for the next one.

  10. Hitesh Aggarwal Says:

    Interesting…the topic is engaging..looking forward to other part and ur and “God’s” views on soul and mind :)..

  11. Romi Says:


  12. Stuti Says:

    the King rocks …as usual !!
    kudos 🙂

  13. Richa Malik Says:

    Exactly how messed up art thou currently????
    Fucking messed up shit!!! 😐

  14. Kunal Nichkawade Says:

    very well written no doubt…but disagree on few points

    I will pick up ’26 Nov 2008′, ‘somewhat confused A’, ‘individualism’ and ‘mind-soul’ as discussion points and would like to discuss on:-
    ‘Individualism-what exactly it is’, ‘the urge in people to get attached to a group/tribe’, ‘primacy of existence/primacy of consciousness’ and ‘mind-body dualism’ with some reference to dvaita-advaita (P.S. I dont agree on both dvaita and advaita, but still)

    • Diwakar Says:

      Everybody gets to talk about his points!
      This is my set of ‘story’, its not even my ‘belief’ or my ‘faith’ or my ‘religion’, its my presentation of a brief concept about humanity which is much deeper than what is written here on this page.

      And lets talk over all these issues over dinner tomorrow. You hardly have any options sir!

  15. shaonkunda Says:

    Nice sir. Though the image of god is reminiscent of Morgan Freeman in “Bruce Almighty”

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