Bhatak Maro Mat koi

“saat janam ke saat pher hain…saanp seedhi hai bhai….yam ka dand mund mein laaage, dharee rahe chaturai”

These are lines from a song called Kabira(Agnee) .From last 10 odd days I have been listening to Kabira and Sadho re from the same band and it just doesn’t leave me. After I have heard the song kabira for some 20 times I realize that I am not getting all the words, let me find out what is the media player singing. And I noticed this line, specially the second half of it – ‘yam ka dand mund mein laaage, dharee rahe chaturai’, and it gave me Goosebumps, I listened to it again and again and again, as it was constantly pulling me towards itself.

What is there in this one single line makes me feel so twitchy? Is it the words, is it the subject, is it the music that runs behind the words, is it the voice, is it the death scare, what the hell is this? While writing this I am still pondering over the possible answers to these questions. And the closest I can get is this:-

I feel that in spite of the ‘self-defined’ heights we reach, irrespective of the mammoth size we attain and the amount of achievements we grab, steal or earn, the inherent reality of our existence hides itself in the fact that we are still miniscule components in the over all scenario. Miniscule, when compared to space and to the time line on which we exist. Do we even need to give a thought to this, I can’t say.

The other song ‘Sadho re, ye murdo ka gaaon’ speaks about all this. It laments over the whole concept of death and it does it with eyes settled on the roads, in a market, in an office, in an apartment. It sees them all, walking, dancing and drinking fresh orange juice and vintage scotch. The song says it all, and the whole ambiance speaks it as well, only if one decides to convince his mind to open up for it.

‘kahe kabeer suno bhi sadho, bhatak maro mat koi’

Bhatak maro mat koi! The whole wail is not actually a wail. The meaning is clear, absolutely plain. The whole game of life, death and existence isn’t mechanical and meaningless. The noetic quest is the fuel, understand it! As long as one can fuel it with the urge to know about it, life is on, else, innumerable species of mammals, birds, reptiles and other creatures also respire, everybody got their mechanism, you have yours. And the famous 1960’s dialog ‘It’s all about the choices you make!!’.

Bhatak maro mat koi!

I found one more missing part of the jigsaw, Thanks Kabeer, you rock!!


7 Responses to “Bhatak Maro Mat koi”

  1. Naresh Says:

    Some lyrics have this power in them, to pull us to them, bind us by their enchanting meaning and reverberate for long in our conscience. This is one such!

    Thanks for the songs! 🙂

  2. Apurva Says:

    amazing songs !! 🙂

  3. Abhi-shek Says:

    I hv been listenin to these 2 tracks… everyday..everytime of sorts…! And very true i must say DK.. these couple of tracks do have something in them.. some kinda magic in them!
    and Yes, hail be Kabira 🙂

  4. Shalini Says:

    Hey History ,

    I must say…This time you managed not to fade me 😉

    Really cool songs…..Sahi me 🙂

    “Saat janam ke saat pher hain…saanp seedhi hai bhai….yam ka dand mund mein laaage, dharee rahe chaturai” ..
    Adds much meaning to life 🙂

  5. Biraja Ashis Says:

    check out this song “Shaam Tanha” by the very same band to get over this chronic “death hangover”!! 😉
    Anyways both the tracks rock!

  6. Ashish Says:

    It is great how same song can evoke differenent interpretations in different people.

    I found this explanation on youtube for Sadho Re song :” Here the girl plays a role of Soul and her father is God or its creator. Souls are sent to earth with a purpose to remember its “Father” and spend the human life and return to its creator. But soul forgets its purpose and Father and runs after worldly pleasure. To which she later realizes and finds itself missing. The man which later picks her up is the “Guru” or teacher which guides her back to her father or GOD “

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