On the edge of horizon

I think I can do anything, absolutely anything that a man has ever done or has desired to, with supreme ease and perfection. I can write a great post and manage a wonderful blog, I can. I can do wonders at my workplace by solving all problems in almost no time with greatest efficiency. I can listen to all good songs ever sung and watch all cult movies before next to next Olympics. I can also read some great books, at a swifter speed and a good understanding of what I read. I can also visit places, lot of them, national parks and wild centuries, mountains and beaches, Mizoram and Tripura, Kashmir, Jharkhand and Kerala.

I can exercise, physically and mentally, I can, for sure, crack better jokes. I can become a charmer and can make a lot more friends, and I can keep them. I can decide what I want to do with my life, sooner or later and on different time lengths, and then I can start working on those plans. I can definitely play better cricket, football and few other games.

I can control my anxiety, my anger and my restlessness. I can control in inherent sloth that I was born with. I can increase my typing speed to 80 wpm and accuracy to 98. I can get my weight down to 65Kgs. I can identify an idol and I can follow him/her. I can pick up a guitar and start a rock band. I can shave my head and grow beard. I can marry a girl of my parent’s choice and I can perform all the rituals of a grand Indian marriage. I can dress well and go to all the parties, clean shaved and with polished shoes.

I can earn millions and I can help the needy, I can teach the poor who can’t afford a pencil and I can start schools for such needy. I can also spread awareness about female infanticide. I can join a theatre group, and I can wander around doing street plays, in rains and dust. I can survive without luxuries, laundries and Levi’s. I can join jnu for a part time course. I can learn 5 European languages and 3 South American languages. I can sell salvation to firangis stuck in their materialistic mid life crises and take them for a ride. I can fuck many of them and I can also practice celibacy for the rest of my life.

I can be a better person, overall, I can define my limits and I can walk on the roads I want to. I can be a better son, brother, friend. I can sew up relations, I can be all I want to be, all I have ever wanted to.

Demystified I stand on the edge of the horizon,

My eyes are tired and the sun is waiting,

I take a step and the skies accept me,

I get all I want,

And I wake up to fall asleep forever!


Thanks postsecret

6 Responses to “On the edge of horizon”

  1. Ishan Says:

    Wonderfully written…but I was slightly puzzled by the funnel flow of thoughts. You started on a very big scale with thoughts on changing the world, making yourself into something people would consider. But then you change the pace to go to JNU and learn a few languages or to be a ‘Baba’ and dupe some foreigners. But overall, quite good!

    4 stars/5 🙂

  2. kamiya Says:

    hey…good one…. that luxuries, laundries, Levi’s satire was aimed at me i suppose.. intentionally or unintentionally

  3. Ankit Aggarwal Says:

    Nice one…. I CAN I CAN and I WILL……

    The last “WILL” is the most important part of the whole imagination that you penned down.

    May your “WILL” becomes reality…..

  4. Gurdit Says:

    I think the essence of your post can be summarised into 2 simple words that ring true at any given time: “I can.”

    It reminds me of a couple of lines from one of The Offspring’s songs, “I Choose”

    “This is life!
    What a fucked up thing we do.
    What a nightmare come true…
    Or a playground if we choose…
    And I choose!”

    Not very special comments, but yeah, there you are anyway.

  5. Parmar Says:

    Hazaron khwahishein aisi, unse bhi jyada hain uljhanein, aur unse kahin jyada hain in uljhanon ko na suljhane ki khwahish… psst, i hope noone is listening bcoz i don’t want to let the secret out even though i m writing on a public forum at best i hope noone comprehends it…

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