This happened once back in time, so let me try to get back to blogging with nostalgia. Time to reflect on some past and ask, why and how?

Monday, November 20, 2006

There is hardly anything i cant do,
There is hardly anything i can do properly,
I am all over the place,
like a three year old kid’s lost marbles on the floor,
and most of them in the farthest corners of the room,
under the bed,in the glass pot,
out of the veranda,
and these marbles will not be recollected till evening,
when someone comes, takes trouble,
cursing the kid, kissing his cheeks,
and returns him those marbles back,
only for him to lose them again.
He loves this process, his daily recreation,
I lose myself, I find it again,
itching the remote corners of my head,
its my life,its my sport,
my amusement is my brain.

posted by BlahBlahKid at 6:03 AM


5 Responses to “S….ca…tt..e……r….e…..d”

  1. Prasoon Says:

    Why n how?

    Most importantly, did you pen these?

  2. Diwakar Says:

    yes, this and few more happened!

    mumbai, i loved it for more reasons than the sea outside, perhaps the sea inside 🙂

  3. d sinner Says:

    i liked d last two lines especially…figuring out why we always look back after a time when we had decided not to…

  4. Prabhu Says:

    cursing the kid, kissing his cheeks,

    Perfect vivid picture!

  5. compulsivewriter Says:

    loved this one! i was wondering if you wrote it and then i saw your comment above… well done…

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