What the … media!!!!

Every time there is an important news hovers around on our television screen, it give me an unavoidable muse to pen down some agitation on media, and now its high time for both media and my part to get it done. ‘Arushi Hatyakaand’ is all over the place on media. A teenage girl was suspiciously killed a few days back and police was investigating the whole issue. But the judiciary of this country has moved out of the courts and now stays in cameras owned by few television news channel and in mikes of few young (they call themselves) journalists and news reporters.

It is wonderful to see the rise of media in this nation, and I would say that it is good luck for both the media and the crowd that today media is so strong, but what is this strength being used to, where is the focus pointing towards. All the news are not presented as news or something which should help people one, get aware of what is going around in our surroundings and in wider geography, second, helping people, police and judiciary to arrive at conclusions which may help in solving tricky issues and third, awakening the crowd to the things they have been blind so far (certainly not the scare-them-all-sansani way). The focus is on handpicking news which can be converted into ‘stories’ (and this word is as literal as metaphorical here), adding a lot of drama in it, music effects and picture effects to a sense shaking effect (this is what we call technical advancements, futuristic technologies) and most importantly they are able to hit the market, they have their money, their advertisements, their viewers, and above all their TRP. Kudos, you are such winner in life.
And sadly enough, a tired day worker, a young school going kid and a frustrated housewife ‘follow’ these news closely with a presumably intense sympathy, which isn’t anything but sheer curiosity. And, no better example of the same but ‘Arushi Hatyakaand’, everyone wants to know ‘kya chal raha hai?’ with this story getting new twists and turn every now and then, everyone is so curious about every minute detail that is being investigated. This surely sets sky-high expectations for the police and others working on the issue.

The electronic media market has expanded like the universe, and there is no stopping to this big bang, this has openly called up for work force, a very large number indeed. And all this has been quite sudden from a nation’s point of view, but the nation has responded very well at one of the two layers of this need. Layer one, the people who are going out finding news, they are eager and jubilant people, got lots of energy and they want to use this adrenaline rush to very actively do whatever’s being told to them.  But, Layer two, the decision takers, the ones telling these young people to do what they are doing, where the hell have they drowned their brains. How do they come up with idea of showing ‘mera Khali ghar aaya’ or ‘Chhat par billi chadhee’, while you are doing all this, doesn’t this thought ever click you ‘what the fk am i doing?’, if one is so blind to the things he is doing himself, how do we expect him to be a sane eye which shows us the world.
Few of these news channels are giving a bad name to media and they need monitoring, journalism is still one of the most meaningful occupation one can get into, every day of your life adds value to this world, it is so different from something mundane like software engineering (come on diwakar don’t say that, you love your job, don’t you!!!), and with such an opportunity at hand if you let it go, its sad for both the giver and taker. But, this shall also pass by, as we know that ‘Change is inevitable’.

News Channel!


8 Responses to “What the … media!!!!”

  1. Aaron Wakling Says:

    Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. compulsivewriter Says:

    i totally agree with you on this. in case of the arushi murder, the media coverage has left me depressed. the father is an accused, but the media takes the liberty of convicting him… very depressing indeed… i wonder when this so called boom will go bust!

  3. Eesha Says:

    I agree with you totally.. n the so called ‘breaking news’ these days is utter crap… wonder when the media will realise its importance and responsibility in the right sense.

  4. Abhiroop Says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth man.

  5. Aditi Says:


    i had written soemthign on the same lines
    all the hype suckss so much
    media sd be sued for such acts
    espically aaj kal


  6. Honey Says:

    one day there wud be news – diwakar kaushik, aaj ka gulzar…. [:P].

  7. Nave Says:

    I don’t follow the news channels anymore .. I have better options to waste my time 😉

    The tagline used to go “We bring news” and now its “We manufacture news” … what good great progress .. I see. Bravo .. keep it up guys !! Hail Media !!

  8. Saket Anand Says:

    Great post. I’ve read a few others, and have agreed with a few of them and appreciated most of them. My take on this post (and issue) is a one-liner from my Orkut profile under TV shows, which goes like this – “I strictly stay away from Ekta Kapoor channels and News channels as both are more or less the same!” I had thought of this when ‘Prince’ that little kid fell into a small and deep hole a couple of years back and the media had gone berserk
    another comment on ur “randomness” – I also wanted to adopt a girl child 🙂

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