Losing sleep over your dreams

I so much wanted to do this, now and ever! Sit at the centre of a crowded mall and brainshit. And its a dream come true. Here I am, at select citywalk and its 3 PM on a Sunday and I sit alone talking to myself. I have been a little insomniac lately and I can feel it in my head. Here I am surrounded by people, many many many people, many colours many countries, many styles, many tastes, they are all there. But I have a feeling that all these different looking souls have one thing inherently common in them; they are all desultory. Purposelessly walking on the marble which would shine like a mirror, drinking coffees costing more than a poor family’s unconsumed meal for a day, spending easily minted money on senseless movies and coming out laughing but unsatisfied, or they could be just trying to beat the heat in this comfortable, breathe easy temperature when its killing hot outside. Whatever could be the reason, it is pretty much clear that there is no reason at all and thus we have this extraordinary centre of commercial and social activity blossoming with targets, read people.

This place is pretty well designed to titillate all the senses. Its so full of colours and beauty that one’s eyes can’t deny a sparkle, for men and women there is a lot of organic and inorganic pleasure muse available here. There is music all over the place, and there will be places where it is of your taste, if you have any descriptive taste in music, then on an average if you stay here for 2 hours you will definitely find 9.5 songs of your choice being played at different corners of this mall. No need to mention the aroma, everybody who enters here tries to make it pretty sure that he or she doesn’t become the reason for any aberrance, everybody smells good here and the rest is taken care by the air conditioners and the sweet smell inducers installed all over the place. There would be probably a million cuisines that you can find here, perhaps ever more. For an illiterate vegetarian foody like me, it is even difficult to understand more than thirty percent of stuff that is being served here. Anyhow, I would surely mind spending my easy earned money on things I am unsure about. Did I cover all the senses yet, ahh touch! That’s something you have bring with yourself, like most of them did here. Come with your girlfriend or boyfriend, stay close, giggle, cuddle and this is world we wanted to live in. For unwanted singles like me, nothing much that can be done, the total romantic happiness on earth is constant and with the way sex ratio is decreasing in India, it is expected to go down only.

Hmm, good to see the changing face of this country, to see this phenomenal emergence of the great Indian middle class, the greatest army the world has ever seen. Thirty Five crore of them constantly looking to change the face of this world, and all this possible only by an individualistically driven motivation of each one of them. I am so much a part of this pool, perhaps somewhere at the centre of it. At times trying to run away from it, loving it, hating it. But this has created a lots of hysteria and a lot of imbalance. People have started running a lot, wanting more, as everybody’s dearest and electronically omnipresent king khan would say “thoda aur wish karo”. So, here we have these 35 crore people running faster wishing more and loosing sleep over their dreams!!!!

It may all be good for the world, I would have no problems with dreams but the world must have some sort of balance to sustain all these dreams. As long as the kid who sleeps on a sever pipe gets food everyday and is happy about his life, as long as no farmer suicides because mother nature denied the most hardworking of her sons food, as long as the world of a girl is not forced to end in a womb, as long as no one in a far village dies of a mild fever only because he could not buy a crocin, as long as all this happens I will not find life gloomy inside these malls surrounded with great babes with deep cleavage and hot dudes with yo hair styles. Otherwise, this hysteria will keep haunting me, more because of my inability than their disinterest.

Thirty five crores of us, could we ask for a bigger number to make a difference. We could not, but we are free to make choices, isn’t this a great feeling to be born a democratic country which allows us to do what we want, at least it allows us not to do what we do not want, and we have decided not to do anything.

Cheers to our beautiful lives!


11 Responses to “Losing sleep over your dreams”

  1. zub Says:

    Nice insight DK…..!! Ostentation has become a way of life, malls only exemplify it nicely. Face value is the real value.
    > Awazon ke bazaron mein, khamoshi pehchane na koi…

    The use “Total romantic happiness being a constant” was a nice one.
    Take care,

  2. Mac Says:

    this makes me think abt my spending pattern…
    gr8 wrk!

  3. Madhur Says:

    Good Lord!!! this guy can pour down his feelings and thought process on paper (oops blog).

    Step forward and take a bow!!!!

  4. kamiya Says:

    ahemm…. i shud better shut up here and not speak a word….
    nevertheless, i though that little brain of yours was only good enough to crack the kinds of PaPita PaMata, but kudos dude!!

  5. desh Says:

    very well written…

    this is what I always think, sometimes I think all those left people shouting, they are right

    Last two governments have helped to unleash our economy, thr has been development and all that, but the gaps in people have widened

    malls are right place for people to kill time and money, its just a social gathering places, you would remember as a child, we with our families used to visit others home, sit over tea and marie biscuits, or on a rainy day, bhajiyas, no one wants to go to anyone’s home now, people all of a sudden want privacy

    Plus cities as Quark puts it, gives everyone that bit of anonymity, things have changed from earlier times, family stays as separate units, in earlier days when u spent a lot, or roamed around with a chick, there was always someone to pull the ropes on you, now you live with frnds who care, but beyond a point no one cares on things like this…

    people are changing, country ahs changed, somehow the small towns have remain shielded, slowly they too will change and things like visiting friends places, watching movie for 30 rs, eating dosa or pani puri and considering it a luxury…those days will never come again

  6. ecstasypillss Says:

    Awesome post webmaster!
    This is why i keep an eye on this blog so much!

  7. Ashu Says:

    I must say quite beautifully written blog..but I don’t think I can totally identify with the logic.
    I agree that there is a huge number of people in India outside these malls, metros, leisure centers, etc.. that is deprived. Some b’coz of their own actions & some b’coz of this unfair life. But still there are also people among this ‘have’ clout who have slogged through some of their tough times to earn this comfort & luxury.
    Moreover…a lot of people from this section may also be silently/openly contributing in some small way or, other for this bigger poorer India. But lets accept it…its not possible to subsidize a decent living for this such big destitute India only from this small section of properous India.
    The need is to create opportunities & development. And its happening…I agree its really slow..but then it has to be a long process (given the poor history of India & its huge population)…and till then I believe its a little harsh to hold these prosperous people accountable for enjoying happiness & comfort from the money which they have saved after paying all taxes (both direct, indirect), education cess, etc..etc.. & donating a certain portion of it for some noble cause but which never got reflected as a whole coz there is a much bigger class that is destitute & deprived.

    • Diwakar Says:

      I agree to you now ashu. This was written 3 years back when I was still searching and finding out what I could do. This was more to do with frustration with myself that I am not able to contribute and now I have a lot of clarity. But I believe explosions like this blog might trigger some thoughts in the minds of many like us who are not sure about their lives. May be just 🙂

  8. Parmar Says:

    deja vu!!! feels like standing in front of a mirror of time… :-/

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