Ah, finally I have seen some movies. In last month or so I have felt like college days, new movies new music, cricket, football everything is back. It’s spring time!!!

Mithya, Whats eating Gilbert Grape, Dead man’s shoes, Fantasia-2000, The squid and the whale, The blue umbrella and hopefully will see taxi driver and 10000 bc in next week.

Mithya, I always wanted to see that movie for its star cast, and i was not as disappointed as rest of my friends who saw it with me. They were laughing their asses out in the first half and still came out unsatisfied. It’s time I must agree that movie making isn’t an easy task, and even if it is, making people like it is absolutely one hell of a job. Anyways, it was a good movie, a 7.5 flick, all I din’t like about it was the quick ending. It was too sudden for me. As soon as the movie gets its pace, it ends. But still, a wonderful act.

What’s eating Gilbert Grape, I didn’t know that Leonardo was a child artist! And certainly one of the better ones. It’s one of those smooth, light-hearted, close to life movies where you can just sit and enjoy. Movies which will give you enough time and intensity to look at the cinematographical aspects, screenplay, emotions etc, reminded me of one of my all time favs garden state. Another 7.5 stuff. But all can say about Gilbert is Johnny Depp is Johnny Depp. Period

Dead man’s shoes, its all about revenge, crime, death and blood. Exactly the kind of stuff I don’t buy. And to add to my agony it carries the brit accent. After all this, I can just say, I loved it. Best of the lot that I have mentioned. See it, it’s my 8.5. Wonderful stuff wrapped in ninety minutes

Fantasia-2000, it’s Walt Disney, it’s animation, it’s music, it’s Mickey mouse and Donald duck, it’s childhood, it’s smiles, it’s Disneyland, it’s all that this world wants, its peace, its utopia, it’s Fantasia.

Blue umbrella deserves a post on its own, so that can be removed from the list. The squid and the whale, read it on IMDB.


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