My Independence

  • Today when there is a power cut for 30 minutes, and the AC’s don’t operate we feel so uncomfortable as if all the troubles of this world are forced on us.
  • Oh my god, the battery of my cell phone died, and my validity also expired, I don’t know what will happen now. I can’t use my phone for next 6 hours. Life is so tragically long for these six hours.
  • Bullshit! Here goes the network again; I have absolutely no idea about what to do ‘Now’ with my life. Ahh, everything in this world is so gloomy, I must write a poem and curse it. Oh, great, the net is back; let’s get back to the silicon smiley world.
  • You said there is no petrol, and you expect me to walk a hefty couple of kilometers to do my workout, are you bloody lost! This is insane! I won’t be able to do my exercises today, this is ruining my body.
  • Where is my ciggy, where is my ciggy, where is my ciggy, oh damn it! That bloody Pete took the last ciggy as well. He knows I can’t do without it and he still pranks with me. I’m going to kill that bastard. God, please give me a ciggy! If you are there for the ones in need, do it for me, or I become a disbeliever.

Hey, HID dude


Happy Independence Day dude, you are so out of this world man, so what’s your plans for the big day?

Ah, nothing much yaar, plan to see a movie and sleep.

Happy Independence Day, we feel so great about our so called ‘independence’, but I don’t get the whole picture clearly. Born and brought up in non-colonial India in a family which according to the scenarios, fluctuates from very liberal to unbearably orthodox, thus I never had that feeling of not so ‘independent’ ever. And I believe the same happened to most of them of my age and even to my dad’s age.

While we are so happily dancing away to glory proclaiming the ‘independent’ tag of ours, we so simply ignore how dependent we are today, to one thing or the other. To external temptations and internal irresistibility, to the mechanical lifestyle and materialistic foolish ugly desires. Today, sixty years post we allowed some external authorities to give way to a crisp and clean layer of desi nation makers, we are irreparably dependent today. And to add to the agony, neither do we accept it, nor do we make an attempt to rectify it.

And still, as we do for anything else, we celebrate, with grand pomp and show, with sense tickling sounds and lights, we dance! I can proudly say that we are great magicians when it comes to hide harsh realities under glossy envelopes.

Independent, we have been! Of our denials and of our destinies. Period.

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4 Responses to “My Independence”

  1. Prabhu dutta Says:

    Indeed independent we have been… of our denials and destinies!

  2. Bhavesh Says:
    The current celebration of independence is more of an orgy by eunuchs.

  3. Ishan Says:

    Well put indeed!

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