People are strange!

Lately I been sitting idle, workless most of the times, quietly knitting my own stories all the time, finding more music and perhaps less people. Feeling ecstatic as I look back on my grand discovery, finding a pc on LAN which has a great music collection. Wow! It has all of ‘The Doors’, and a few more. I feel so content with these little music collection of mine, and yea internet of course! But how long would I survive this latency, Ah! Forever, can’t say. 

There must be around sixty people sitting around me on the fourteenth floor of this flashy glass building and I don’t know a single person, no colleagues so far, no acquaintances, and no friends. Me and my machine. My 10 GB song collection, Pagalguy, TotalGadha, Tenaday, Satanic Verses, Google-Wikipedia brothers, Pentropy, Penthegame, WordPress, Blogger, Cricinfo, Goal and my dearest friends in my Gtalk list, and thus sun completed one more visit to earth. 

I think I have attained this state of tranquility, which people say is the most difficult position to reach ;); we always read stories about sadhus doing tapasya to get this. I would say that I have been a lot luckier to attain this without much of beard-growing and Himalaya-climbing. It just came like a post, a normal courier. ‘Diwakar Kaushik, haan! yahan sign karo, aur phone number likho’. It was as simple as that. But unlike all those other things which came easy to me and I didn’t value, I truly respect this one. I believe that I have been lucky, hmm, no, very very lucky 🙂 

While you are already thinking that why am I actually bothering you by writing all this, you must realize it by now, get the essence of what’s written so far and quit reading. It means that it’s a workless guy, with a blog post pending with no one online 🙂 

I still find absolutely no fault in this semi-lament, semi-mirth tomography of my today, as anything else written would also leave you with a pretty similar feeling, ‘What hell! Does this guy ever make some humane sense, EVER?’, and believe me, I take it as a compliment. 

Back to the eternal calm, now, I am out of this habit of punching the keys for more than 10 minutes. Till then remember James Morrison and read this. 

People are strange when you’re a stranger

Faces look ugly when you’re alone

Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted

Streets are uneven when you’re down


When you’re strange

Faces come out of the rain

When you’re strange

No one remembers your name

When you’re strange

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2 Responses to “People are strange!”

  1. Naresh Says:

    I enjoyed this state of sublime tranquility when I was interning, but now am back to the grind! This is like a see-saw, the want for the other when we are in one state. When we are free, we long for work. When we have work, we long to be free! Its strange… 😐

    Loved the poem dude… Keep Writing!

  2. Diwakar Says:

    Hey Naresh…

    this is by the doors
    listen to this song yaar…its amazing
    was listenin to it thats y wrote this post 🙂

    and i dont long for work, at all 🙂

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