You Inspire me

Innumerable times I thought that I would actually pick up this more of a cliché topic for my blog. And when I thought of writing all I could think of is a big blank white sheet of paper, calm silence and thoughtless sensations. But I think I can still hold the pen and try to draw my design on the most hyped of all the feelings. And perhaps. rightly so!

First of all in this post I must mention this disclaimer that my posts are totally biased towards the breed of people similar to me, as the varieties in this world are immense, nothing can be discussed on a generic platform and everything is so very personalized and customized according to what goes on around someone.

Coming back to the mainline; Love, hmm let me check wordweb first of all. Oh my lord, 7 meanings as noun and another 4 as verbs. Let me take the nice ones and then I can do the autopsy!

  • ‘A strong positive emotion of regard and affection’, sounds good.
  • The second one is more obvious to our senses ‘A beloved person; used as terms of endearment’
  • And similarly ‘A deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction’,
  • The first verb ‘Have a great affection or liking for’
  • The rest are all same stuff said using different words, so no point mentioning.

So, now the time to put in my view, you already know it (in case you have read my previous posts!), I am confused about this phenomena as well. (Believe me anand astro physics is easier!!). More importantly, I am confused about the naming conventions. The exact meaning isn’t so clear to anyone, at least not to me. It is such an abstract and immeasurable term that you never know what the hell is the hype about.

Connecting it with the hormonal hullabaloo and other biological activities may actually help me understand it in some subtle manner, but there my lack of education in that domain restricts the addition of my awareness and knowledge and I am not that sad about that either, I never wanted to study bio anyways 🙂 . Now, how do I get my curiosity curbed? Hmm, some of my so-called ‘experienced’ friends speak like a sage and tell ‘Beta, you will understand it all once you get into it!!’, Oh, ok sir, you mean I need to sit and wait for the rainy day to understand the water cycle. Let it be then!

But, it’s been a long time yaar, some twenty three dry years; there must have been some drop of rain! Did I miss it? Oops, stupid me, I must keep my eyes open. I think that like most of the things, I will calmly stay silent on this topic as well, without a clear viewpoint, trying to observe more of life, finding more meaning in what this love scenario is all about before I develop a view of my own.

But at the same time I think I have been in love lately, I am not so sure about it as well, because I still miss that strong end of the road feeling that ‘seen that done that’, yea I feel that Forest Gump feeling for sure that “Having the best days of my life”, May be its all about that. The realization that this is best time you have ever had, the best feeling you have felt, sounds so imaginative, but sounds true, feels good!

I think I am lost, and it’s not a new thing for me to think. I love being lost, and I don’t want to lose being loved!




8 Responses to “Love!”

  1. Naresh Says:

    Seems like you are in love… 😛

  2. Steve Says:

    at the beginning of the post i got the feeling this is going to be a paper fit for IEEE:p

    sexy post be! is everyone getting this feeling? maybe the onset of the rainy season has something to do with it too… so depressing!

  3. Ishan Says:

    Ahaa…you are alive!! Whoa! in love? 😛

    Great post….the analysis was quite exhaustive

  4. Sumit Says:

    “sounds like the beginning of something beautiful”


    seriously cool post. 🙂

  5. Harshal Says:

    “I love being lost, and I don’t want to lose being loved!”

    Great end to an equally great post!

  6. desh Says:

    whoz is in Love???
    btw love can be complex like astro-physics or as stupid as a dahi vada relation as on my blog
    me not an expert anyway…

  7. divya Says:

    hmmm…so diwakar ji finally talks about something like LOVE!!!!
    i was actually awestruck. but then, the writing was just too gud.It becomes even better towards the end..
    Keep it up!!!

  8. Diwakar Says:

    All of you have the rights to ignore the posts 🙂
    they are short term time stamps of an injured mind!!
    enjoy them as mere gloomy fiction slow draggy reads 🙂

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