Can you imagine?

  • can you imagine how this world would be if we all spoke all we felt, there is an intuitive feel that things would go haywire, but I feel it could be much better. We all like our drinks in transparent glasses, don’t we!
  • can you imagine how today would be if we could swap the day before and the day ahead recursively. I know my tomorrow and not my yesterday, this design could lead to all sort of confusions but looks like a fun idea.
  • can you imagine the world as a mono-gender society, with just one gender! I may be erasing an immense ocean of evolution, emotions, humanistic from the face of existence, but perhaps it could lead to the solutions of other immense seas of questions.
  • can you imagine the accessibility of a human being’s control over himself at times he is crazy and he feels that he is left with absolutely zilch, be it importance, be it zeal, be it aggression, or be it the simple everyday pinch, existence! I want to imagine it, but my confidence in my ineptness knocks me down and then I ask others ‘Can You Imagine?’

7 Responses to “Can you imagine?”

  1. Naresh Says:

    Can u imagine Utopia?!
    Utopia to each of us means something, and to you it means the above things. Utopia is the only thing in this world, which we must want, but not pursue, cos Utopia means the end of evolution!

  2. jackalope Says:

    I very much like your idea of a mono-gender. I have been practicing this concept for years. When I meet someone I always think of them as a soul without gender first. It is so much easier to relate to somebody on a soul level than it is on an earthly one (for me, at least).

    By the way, I started reading “The Namesake”. I love it!!!! When I finish the book, I shall watch the movie.

  3. Bhavesh Says:

    i dont think reaching a utopia will be the end of evolution. thats a very sweepin statement. frm wht i can understand DK is imagining a world whr being human is of prime importance, a place where everyone realises that we are different from the other animals and v r not on the planet for subsistence only but for a much bigger and beautiful goal and v shud b devoid of all desire in the single minded pursuit of this goal.

  4. Honey Says:

    To answer the biggest question of life which is hidden in the post and all your previous posts, I feel you are in search of a teacher who can answer all your queries of life, everything you feel you do why you do that? you are trying to enter the root cause of the whole existence which is very vast much much higher than the human birth we are gifted with. Everyone wants a teacher, I am in search for that only but then I am left with walls to talk with and books which dont speak and then may be one day I will write a post – CAN YOU IMAGINE.. Why not get a group of people and make a difference , do something unique something which is discovered, designed by us. We will make the whole picture and present it to the world.

  5. desh Says:

    i thnk honey moved away frm th topic of utopia
    fr a start listen the song “Imagine” by Lennon, in sync with th post a bit

    anyway Utopia is Utopia, so it doesnt exist, we can just imagine it and thts wht u r trying to do…

    about th monogender society…leave it for ppl like K Jo šŸ˜›

    the power of imagination can leave u with pure bliss or make u just another miserable soul, the set of ur imaginated items shud better link to the former one, i mean if ur imagining imagine smthng good…not a monogender society…ha!!!

  6. Steve Says:

    woah! that’s a lot of thinking that you’ve done, dk!
    mono-gender society?! expressing our feelings in words? interchanging days? utopia?
    my answer to the title question is “no”! maybe it’s sheer laziness, maybe it is the fear of the unknown, wanting things to be as they are, a fear of the consequences of such changes! maybe imagination is obstructed when sticking to conventions…

  7. Merry-Go-Round!!! « Pentropy Says:

    […] About me? Can you imagine? […]

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