Hello, Mrs. Shakuntala Sharma!

On this mother day, I can just tell a few things about her:-

– Somewhere in her mind she still believes that I am not a social guy and I must talk to more people and go to more parties.(Before deleting it, I showed her my orkut profile which said 624 friends and 144 fans, she laughed at that)
-She becomes numb when I sometimes express her that I don’t want to marry at all and she starts telling me how important it is, which doesn’t still convince me!
-I know she is proud of me, I never understand the big deal about me?
-People say that they have the best mother; I don’t know how they say that. I don’t compare because I have just had one mother, but yea, she is amazing and I think all of them are.
-She is always scared that I will get in a dispute with my dad, and all the time she interferes, unintentionally she makes it worse. Mom, we can solve it out all the time, chill!
-Sometimes when I am lost and confused, she thinks I am a gone case and I need counseling, serious psychic treatment. I still hope she doesn’t mean it 🙂


-I believe that my patience is genetic. I feel that, most people don’t even agree that I am calm head and my temper is good. Even my mom doesn’t. What do I do to prove that? 😦
-It’s been five years when I left home for studies and then work, and every time I get screwed up in my day to day life, I feel like a kid and want her to be here badly. I am not much ashamed to say that, because mostly it’s true!
-I love her more than all the beautiful girls I have ever met. 🙂
-We can all write books on the same topic, but we never give a damn to even say, thanks mom!

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4 Responses to “Hello, Mrs. Shakuntala Sharma!”

  1. Diwakar Says:

    Mrs. Shakuntala Sharma, that’s my mom’s name 🙂

  2. vaani Says:

    my mom’s name is shakuntala too 🙂
    true..iwe never find time to thank her n most of the time i m rude to her…she complains of me not spending even 15 minutes wid her in a day…n sadly its true…i will definitely try to improve coz she has to bear me all life most possibly:)

  3. vyom Says:

    wel, u r champ dk..
    i dunno, hw u manage to write such sweet n nice things,(read sometimes wierd too) u try to hide bt i m right u r full of emotions.
    chachi is really lucky to hv fodu beta lik u 🙂

    ur admirer

  4. jackalope Says:

    What a sweet tribute to your mom! She is lucky too!

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