I ‘Bheja fried’ myself last night….

…and I just now realised that it could taste so well. Even after reading a critical critic’s review of the movie, where it was said to be an avoidable drag, I had a bubbly urge to go for it and reviews from some of my friends made my desires firm. And now after finally seeing it I would say it was one hundred minutes of pure desi ghee fun, Vinay Pathak (Mr. Bharat Bhushan) plays the central character, who is given the chance to fry your bheja or at least everyone else’s who are working in the movie, and to say the least, he does it brilliantly. The last time I remember someone playing the annoy-you-to-lose-your-senses role so well was Manoj Bajpai in ‘Kaun’ and ‘Road’. Debutant director Sagar Bellary’s motivation for this movie is Academy Award winner Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, a 1967 Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn flick.

Rajat Kapoor and Sarika play the ‘lets play smile-frown-kiss-frustrate’ Mumbai couple and associated to their lives are Milind Soman and the girl who plays Suman Rao to add confusion and turbulence in their happy, married, buy costly painting and different cars for different people lives. And then enters the Friday night idiot Mr. Bharat Bhushan, who ensures that he makes their life worse, not better at least, but with all good intentions and music knowledge. He is a man who speaks his heart out (his heart, perhaps his heart, his lungs, his lever, and his intestines out!) and then he sings, he is a killer deal.

Bheja Fry

Ranvir Shourie plays Tax inspector Asif Merchant and like every time else, he is witty and comic, in spite of the fact that he over does it in this movie, he is real fun for the little screen time he gets. His chemistry with Vinay is turning the whole comedy scenario into a trend metamorphism, and it reminds me of the early eighties Farukh Sheikh and Amol Palekar subtle, comic and light weight display of the great Indian middle class and their day to day drudgeries. But, on the contrary, this time the centre of mass shifts to the good living and comfortable yet discontent lives of the upper middle class (in accordance with the inflation and the upgrade of Indian middle classes’ standard of living in past 25 years).

To sum it up, if you are one of those guys who find all the comic elements moving around you stupid, or you are among those who feel that they are the real kings of wit and situational comedy, or you are the big moustache no nonsense guy, or whoever you are, you can go and get your bheja fried and you won’t find a better chef than Mr. Bharat Bhushan, and yea make sure you take someone along with you who feels that you are an annoying person, and make that person realize that how worse it could have been if you were him. Cheers to Vinay, Sagar and Team, Great job!

Image Source: Sulekha

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2 Responses to “I ‘Bheja fried’ myself last night….”

  1. jackalope Says:

    What is “bheja”?

  2. Diwakar Says:

    i am sure you must have guessed it!
    ‘bheja’ means brain!!
    and the movie is called ‘bheja fry’!!

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