Existential Confusion

In this world where objects move at the speed of sound,
Its surprising to see the entities swapping roles,
the human life ticks and the clock yawns,
I get confused just to verify my brain’s functioning,
and its ironical that it never disappoints me,
I think, may be I am confused, but I am not sure,
confused about myself, my presence and my requirement,
5 cups of coffee, semi pressed formals with non-matching socks and a pushover life,
did you ever come across such an existential confusion?


7 Responses to “Existential Confusion”

  1. jackalope Says:

    I find these existential crises are easier to bear when I remember that I am not really the physical shell that I appear to be. The true me is spirit and immune to fashion, caffeine, and fear.

    Although sometimes I have to remind myself often…

  2. dk Says:

    right sonja, the immunity!
    it seldom rules on us, and when it starts ruling us, it makes us live and kills the world!
    i love that disaster!!!

  3. Steve Says:

    We are no longer what we used to be!
    It took time to get used to but now I guess it’s something we’ve got to live with!
    Yucky! I hate coffee but I still gulp it down:(

  4. Diwakar Says:

    right steve
    the only trouble is, how long can we pretend, how long this deception!

  5. Naresh Says:

    We are always in confusion over things about life and how to lead it. We are in an eternal search of our own self… We hate many things, but still we stand against all odds and the funniest thing is we never know what is it that we are looking for…

  6. Abhi-shek Says:

    May be you like it this way… a matter of choice sometimes!

  7. Bhavesh Says:

    get married and u will get perspective..
    i wish thr was an answer to ur questions.. just try to do wht interests u more and help out more ppl who need ur help rather than the ones who want ur help.. i hv noticed that these two things help..

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