The song pours serenity in my soul through ear doors

On my long one hour journey to office this morning, I picked up Smriti’s ipod shuffle and kicked off my morning. It played abhi nahi aana by Sona, followed by Imagine – John Lennon, Coldplay’s let’s talk and Pankaj Udhas’s Ahista and I was happy like a kid with handful, pocketful and mouthful toffees.


So content, yet so uncertain I never know what I want and what makes me happy, but it’s been a mystery for me how these songs make me serene and fill me with tranquility every now and then. My lust for music has increased exponentially after I started work. And with constantly dying desires, the only hope rays come to me through dot m p threes and dot w m vees. But, unarguably music addiction is bliss, a real sense of equanimity.


Such a long life, so little to do. So much to hear and so little time, beautiful ironies making up life. For most of us, it’s just a stress buster, or just a little rhythmic hymn dragging on some radio, but people who live on it, know the importance, ah wrong word, the temptation of this alcohol. May be I belong to those who are overwhelmed by the beauty of this art and the ugliness of their mediocrity to feel so great about something which is perceived by most of the world as a leisure for times not good for anything else. But this desolation is accepted as far as we keep getting the sense massage from these beautiful songs.


Genres and moods, variety of humans and varied tastes of life conjure up everything. From the velvet underground to Lata, from the doors to Jagjit Singh, Coldplay, Fuzon, Radiohead and Norah Jones, the stretches in music are longer than any other latitudinal and longitudinal magnitudes. And this is my luxury, for every moment I get something to make me feel intense about the current situation. Sometimes it’s the words, otherwise the strings or the voice, and sometimes amazing totality of it all, but I agree that it has some voodoo involved in it. This is the most sufficing topping of them all!


God rectified its error of making human by making music. Thank you god, very much!


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4 Responses to “The song pours serenity in my soul through ear doors”

  1. vaani Says:

    very true,,,,but unfortunately i m one of those for whom music is just leisure………..but all you said makes a lot of sense to me….i guess i have missed something …lemme try….

  2. dk Says:

    as i said, to most its leisure. I hope I will make you an addict, given some time 🙂

  3. Abhi-shek Says:

    This my man is so freakin true…! i couldn have agreed more. And most importantly its God’s greatest gift to mankind! Such a wide spectrum of genres and moods…. Truly Amazing 🙂

  4. FreeStoring Says:

    good project 🙂
    senks 🙂

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