Either too simple or inconceivably complex!

Stuck up in the real dilemma, or just playing the same routine life day after day, week after week nothing changes, everything is so static and even if it transforming, the speed is so unacceptably slow that I don’t realize it. This morning a gtalk status message read ‘The road to success…  Is always under construction.’ it confuses me to a painfully thought provoking extent. What is it that we want, success, what is it? Who defines it! Who draws the line, the limits! And most importantly, who cares?


I believe that all of us find out time from our pushed by herds all around life to ask a few questions to ourselves and most of these questions begin with ‘why’.  Why do we do anything that we do? What difference would it make? What is real meaning of our paltry existence? Why is this whole circus being created and managed and more amusingly, how? What if, it was all not there at all? Who designs and manages it all? And all that we crave for all the time all the time the desires that our naïve mind keeps generating all the time, money, fame, success, sex, knowledge, power, strength and what not, what if we had them all? What difference would it make, to me and to the world and hence recursive questions occur, this is the vicious most circles of all, probably that’s life. Or may be my scientific reasoning is too immature, and hence the birth of all these questions, or perhaps my spiritual beliefs as too placid and simple to believe any theories and preconceived notions. Whatever it is, at times, such thoughts kill me.


But, a pragmatic (as an intelligent grown up social element would name it) approach to such not so useful thought process would be accepting ignorance and flowing with the times and the lives because unlimited pondering over the same thoughts time and time again won’t make things any simpler and may deviate any simpler solutions that may be there for these questions. So, we continue to slog ourselves in those itchy spheres of life where some force plays around with time and space and we become part of the great game called existence. There are no rules, there is no winner, its just an ongoing circus with a lot of performers and a lot more performers (I have refined the word joker!) and spend the on stage time the way we want to, craving for more desiring elements, unknowingly and sometimes unwontedly as well. Just like that!


Life is either too simple or inconceivably complex to comprehend, but almost all of us live it just in between. Neither enjoying the subtle ground realities of come-live-go nor digging the real truth of what the hell is this all about. Just somewhere in the middle, there is a long time left, may be we should think about making our way out of the interval line and taking up one of the more sensible fields.


Dying to defy the quest


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2 Responses to “Either too simple or inconceivably complex!”

  1. desh Says:

    most of these thngs come up with kind of boring thngs which we work on or don’t work on. Actually we can never be clear with what success means, but such a lack of motive in life is what really bothers me.

  2. Abhi-shek Says:

    Good one bro! u’ve jus managed to capture one of the many complexities that define life..! U hoped and thus you began….

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