Delicatessen – A shop selling ready-to-eat food products. Thanks to the French movie festival at Nani Cinematheque. I got a chance to see this amazing movie. After already watching a good movie and a bad movie me, Chotu(hey, Saurabh Nandan!) and Divya were a little confused whether to go back for the third movie in a row and make it a complete French treat for an otherwise slothful dry Saturday. And thanks to that great Udupi restaurant at Miller road – Cunningham road junction and we had all the energy to go for the third movie of the day.

Totally dependent on subtitles for basic comprehension, we expected a nice light comedy to cheer us up. But! It started like a Ramsay brother classic. Dark ambience, a dull basement and a shuddery old butcher, oohh what a recipe for a comedy! But it looked amusing to all of us. Based in a post destruction times, it is so much like a depiction of a man eat man society but presented beautifully and comically to the comfort of viewers’ sentimental vibes.


The butcher, who is also the landlord of the apartment around which the movie revolves trades human flesh to grains and lentils! An ex-clown finds a job at his place and gets going with his daughter, who is lost in her own very very haze world! A lady haunted by some weird voices howling in her head, puts so much brain in killing herself, just to see something going wrong with the plan, every other time! A whole bunch of maniacs who stay in the sewers and look for grains here and there. And all these stories very well knitted together in a delicately beautiful manner giving you that jittery laugh all the way through.

And it’s not only the fun tale that moves on and on, it is amazing in its own meaning. A satirical attempt as it looks from the surface of it and presentation in a critical manner makes it an irresistible name in your to-do list.

What more to say about this? This 1991 Jean-Pierre Jeunet ( Amelie Fame) Classic is a must see!



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