The Blog, The Time, The Muse and The Confusion!

Time and time again I try to figure out what to do with my time, and I reconsider and reconsider and ignore. Work will never be my natural inclination, it has never been. So I find options, and I see a handful of those. Bright, Deceptive, Tempting, Enticing options. Thus, after some cricket, a little football, a lot of music, movies in bulk, some reads here and there, personal poetry, and unwanted and unlimited blah blah I now move on to ‘random blogging’, my so called pentropy!

So, now when I have decided to pen down my internal quest for nothing, I struggle on the start line finding an appropriate muse (unsure if actually there is any muse required?). Or, may be I can just keep writing things totally ignoring obvious embarrassment, which would actually cement my thought of existentialism. Need to buy some kill-the-confusion pills, where do we get those?

Or, just leave it all exactly the way it is, the thought of everything falling in right places bewilders me. There is nothing as spineless and boring as Utopia. The blog has only started and it is already proving its point, the post doesn’t say much, you don’t get to add a new fact to your kitty, nor it does any value addition to your intellect, this is exemplary uncertainty of thoughts, randomness and meaningless scribble, that’s pentropy for you!


One Response to “The Blog, The Time, The Muse and The Confusion!”

  1. Catacrich Says:

    Sounds intersting.. Are you attempting to play with my flowing continent I have read a good joke in internet 😉 What do you call a monster with no neck? The Lost Neck Monster.

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